About Jcomfy

Jcomfy is one of the best online shopping platforms which offer various types of high quality products specially from Japan in any category e.g. skincare, cosmetics, supplement, beauty tools and others. We provide secure and convenient online shopping experience to customers and the user-friendly payment system with high level security system to always protect users.

Jcomfy was established as an original EC site to be managed by n-plex Global Ltd., a company involved in importing and selling only outstanding quality products from Japan. And n-plex Global Ltd. is one of companies belonging to the Japan-based multi-national IT group which run various types of business including IT and e-Commerce in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, etc. (The headquarters of International Department of the group are located in Hong Kong)

Base on the statistical data as the size of the market of skin care and cosmetics on Thailand is recognized considerably substantial and its growth rate has been steadily high, together with the fact that the brand as ‘made in Japan’ is widely accepted with great reputations and trustworthiness by people in this country, we are seeking opportunities to introduce the best products to customers through our online shopping platform, Jcomfy, with secure and comfortable but exciting experience.

We are also planning to soon expand our Jcomfy online channels to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, China and some other countries.

Our Philosophy

  • “J” is stand for Japan
  • “Comfy” is stand for comfortable

With the combination of these words, “Jcomfy” means the gateway of shopping experience that users will satisfy with online shopping high quality products from Japan which have secure, fast and convenience platform.