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Jcomfy is one of the best online shopping platforms. We recruit high quality products from Japan. Whether it’s health and beauty products for you to choose from, such as face care products, body skin, cosmetics, dietary supplements, makeup equipment and many more, we have a reliable and easy shopping system. use A payment system that meets international standards and is highly secure. Quality of products and services are guaranteed to be satisfactory.

Jcomfy was established under N-plex Global Co., Ltd., a company engaged in importing and distributing high quality products from Japan. There are affiliated companies doing business in various fields such as IT, e-commerce, etc., with offices located in Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand, with the head office located in Hong Kong.

With the beauty market situation in Thailand continues to grow and the demand for products from Japan is popular with Thai people. because they believe in the quality and image of the product Therefore, we see an important opportunity to find excellent quality products. maximum usability Come to present to all important customers that they can shop comfortably and complete within a short time through the Jcomfy shopping channel. We will focus on selling products covering all areas in Thailand. And there are plans to expand overseas markets such as China, Malaysia, Singapore and others in Asia in the near future.

Philosophy of Jcomfy


The letter J stands for Japan, meaning Japan.


Comfy comes from the word comfortable, meaning comfortable.

Therefore, Jcomfy means that we are the center of shopping for high quality products from Japan with complete convenience and convenience under one place within a short period of time. with the utmost satisfaction.

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