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Since 2007, the brand M-DEAR was born in Japan. We have jointly designed, researched and developed products with dermatologists to deliver products. and the simplest skin care routine but powerful with scientifically proven ingredients through the traditional Japanese scientific experiment It starts with facial cleansing, skin preparation and rejuvenation that combines protection in one step. With a simple formula without any pre-irritating additives such as fragrance, colorant, parabens, mineral oils and alcohol, it creates the ultimate definition of beautiful skin in Japanese women. is skin that retains moisture and smoothness look radiant, radiant, healthy from within and the perfect face shape

M-DAER is registered as a cosmetic product in Japan. With the certification from the Japanese Dermatological Institute* as a product that helps restore skin with concentrated ingredients according to Japanese dermatological research principles. Therefore, it is like a shortcut to skin rejuvenation by focusing on deep skin rejuvenation with the working principle of 3 products which are:

Anti-Aging, anti and reduce wrinkles. and add moisture to the skin

Whitening adjust the skin tone to be even and clear. Reduce the appearance of dark spots and prevent the occurrence of new dull skin

Lifting lifts and tightens the skin to make it look firmer. shape of the face from the slack

by the main ingredient Sh-Oligopeptide1 Which has properties similar to EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in human skin naturally. Help restore damaged skin to come back alive again. Helps skin feel firmer and reduce wrinkles of age This quality ingredient was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology. is a guarantee of quality

Flawless skin is possible.


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