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How to order? How to order What are the payment methods? There are 2 payment methods:

payment method

1.Bank Transfer

2.Pay by Credit Card Is it secure or unsecured by credit card payment? Since we use electronic payment systems that are directly linked to banks, your personal information will be confidential to the cardholder’s bank only. The order status will change to “Order complete”

You can check your order status as follows: Login >> My Account >> My Orders : Status has changed to “Order Completed” Why is the order status still “Pending Payment” even though I have already paid for the product?

In case you choose to pay by bank transfer The company is obliged to verify the accuracy and confirm the payment of the purchase order. In some situations with a large number of users, there may be a delay in the verification process. Usually, the order status will change to “Paid” within 24 hours on business days.

After receiving the payment notification from you, can you return the product or cancel the order? The company reserves the right to return the product. Except in the event that the product is damaged or an error has occurred from the company. Exchange / Return

You can cancel the order before proceeding to pay for the product. You can proceed as follows: Login >> My Account >> My Orders >> Cancel the order if payment is due. but have not yet paid, will be able to pay for the product again or not be able to pay

If you do not pay for the product within the specified period, the system will automatically cancel your order. In the event that you still wish to purchase the product, you must make a new purchase order.

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