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M-DEAR  is a premium skin care product brand integrated with precious ingredients guaranteed by Nobel Prize. M DEAR is one of 2 major product groups of Mayflower Company in Japan consisted of health and skin care product group.

From analyzing results obtained from actual users for over 10 years and cooperation of Japanese dermatologists and dermatological specialists, we discover a facial skin care product that can restore and nourish facial skin immediately. In addition, it also helps to solve skin problems from their causes after receiving various medical treatment methods therefore it is suitable for persons with sensitive skin, dry skin, spots, and wrinkles.

Consequently, in 2007, M DEAR becomes one of the leading skin care products of medical industry and it has been accepted by many beauty clinics and institutes throughout Japan. Currently, there are over 1,000 beauty clinics and institutes that select and trust in M DEAR product.

M DEAR product has been reputed extensively in medical and beauty industry of Japan and it has been published in many leading magazines with good feedback from beauty guru of Japan.

With 3 distinctive properties of M DEAR product

1. M DEAR becomes the product suggested by Japanese dermatologist to users with skin problem and it has been distributed in beauty clinics and institutes only.  

2. M DEAR consists of intensive content of high efficient ingredients helping to restore and nourish skin deeply and efficiently.  

3. M DEAR consists of no perfume, additives, mineral oil, ingredients from animals, alcohol, parabens, and silicone therefore it is gentle for skin and suitable for users with sensitive skin.  




M DEAR also selects new innovations

Moreover, M DEAR also selects new innovations from medical and beauty industry to be used as the precious ingredients for the ultimate efficiency including

  • Sh-Oligopeptide-1 that was discovered by Dr. Stanley Kohen who won Nobel Prize in Physiology helping to reduce wrinkles.
  • Proteoglycan (PG) with high efficiency in maintaining skin moisture.  
  • VC-IP that is fat-soluble Vitamin C causing less irritation than water-soluble Vitamin C with longer effectiveness than general Vitamin C  efficiency helping to brighten skin and reduce spots and dimness.

M DEAR’s Resolution

Besides satisfying results, we have also emphasized on developing our product consecutively in order to extend your skin age to enable you to maintain your youth as long as possible. Consequently, our resolution is
“…Pamper Your Skin with Perfect Beauty…”

With our long experience in Japan, information, and determination, we are ready to deliver premium and precious cosmetic products of M DEAR that are trusted by Japanese dermatologists and dermatological specialists to all customers in Thailand under our resolution, “…Pamper Your Skin with Perfect Beauty…”