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[Duo Pack] UV Protection Gel SPF50+ PA++++ 50g

Product short description


Light-texture sunscreen that can be applied easily without leaving any white stain or making the pore clogged. It is water-sweat proof and will shield your skin from UVA/UVB, Infrared, and pollution with variety of quality plant extracts that is safe even for sensitive skin. So, you can stay in the sun without worries.

Size: 50 g


Product description


Gel sunscreen that is more than just a protection and nourishment, the secret to preventing melasma and gaining ageless skin.

Light-texture sunscreen that can be applied easily without leaving any white stain or making the pore clogged. Protecting the skin from UVA/UVB, Infrared, and pollution, while preventing melasma, dark spot, and wrinkle that is caused by sun rays, while creating a skin shield and nourishing skin all day long with a variety of quality plant extracts. The product doesn’t contain any Flavoring Agent, Coloring Agent, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, and Parabens, so it could be used even on sensitive skin.

One of the best ingredients in M-DEAR sunscreen

“CinderellaCare” quality guaranteed with Bronze Award Innovation zone best ingredient from In-cosmetic Asia 2014²

CinderellaCare (Wild Thyme Extract) is a key of secret to midnight beautiful skin. By reducing melanin’s activity and stimulating growth hormone activity, CinderellaCare can ignore the laws of the time and helps you to gain spotless glass-clear skin, even better than Arbutin.

*Safe and environmentally friendly

Size: 50 g

How to use: Put sunscreen on your finger starting from fingertip up to the second joint of the finger then apply gently on the face. It is recommended to not apply too much sunscreen, since excessive sunscreen will not be absorbed into the skin. After applying sunscreen, you should wait for the skin to absorb sunscreen and fully create a skin shield for 15-30 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. To receive the best result, you should reapply sunscreen more than 1 times throughout the day, including after swimming and heavily sweating.

Warning: Do not apply the product on children under 3 years old

Receipt of notification no.: 10-2-6300008026

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