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3D Moist Premium Mask 30ml


Facial treatment mask that will make your skin routine more special than ever. This convenient M-DEAR 3D Moist Premium Mask will deeply nourish your skin with the quality of 1 bottle of serum

The sheet specially designed by M-DEAR can perfectly keep moisture in the skin, giving you a shiny and healthy skin. Feel your skin get clearer and brighter in an instant, safe for all skin conditions especially dry skin that urgently needs to be moisturized.

Size: 30 ml (1 sheet)



Make your skin brighter and moister than it ever be

3D facial mask that is filled with high-quality ingredients and extracts uniquely to M-DEAR, the sheet was designed to perfectly stick to the face, letting your skin absorb all the moisture with only one step. As 1 sheet of mask equals 1 bottle of serum, it can efficiently nourish and keep moisture in the skin, giving you a moist and healthy skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Aphanothece sacrum : Japanese Seaweed Extract that helps keep skin moist, better than Hyaluronic acid. It could also prevent inflammation and allergic reactions on the skin.
  • Proteoglycans : Stimulates Hyaluronic acid and collagens production, reduces melanin productivity, makes skin firm and moist, and it’s 130% better than Hyaluronic acid.
  • Ceramide : Strengthen the skin, prevent skin dehydration, therefore moisturize, brighten, and reduce allergic reactions on the skin.

Size: 30 ml (1 sheet)

How to use: After washing the face, unfold and place the mask sheet on the face by avoiding the area around the eyes, gently use your hands to smooth the mask over your skin. Leave it for 5-15 minutes for smooth, firm, and shiny skin. It is recommended to use facial mask 1-2 times / week

Suggestion: For better efficiency, this product should be used after cleaning the face with M-DEAR Speedy Cleansing Gel or Whip Wash.

* The results may be varied based on the skin condition of each person.

Warning: Do not apply the product on children under 3 years old

Receipt of notification no.: 10-2-6100039261

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