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AP Lotion 100ml


This product is a water lotion with Autophagy innovation from White Asparagus Extract in water lotion product which will let you feel your skin to be back to its youth again. It helps moisturize and smooth the skin, resulting in youthful and wrinkle-less skin. Thus, the nourishing efficiency is maximized with Nahlsgen**, an Amino acid derivative that enhances Collagens and Elastin productibility, making the skin shine, moist, and firm.

Size: 100 ml



Another level of anti-aging process, consuming old skin cells to create a new one.

An upper-level skin nourishing with a skin lifting innovation, Lift care water lotion, an easily absorbed light water lotion with moisturizing effect. The product is infused with White Asparagus Extract and Methyl Carboxymethylphenyl Aminocarboxy propylphosphonate that stimulate Collagens and Elastin production, moisturize skin, making the skin firm, moist, and wrinkleless.

Key Ingredients:

  • White Asparagus Extract : Creates an Autophagy1 (cell’s self-degradative process) which is a natural degenerated cells restoration process, so it’ll help prevent wrinkle and skin aging, enhance collagens productibility, that is required for creating moist, smooth, and firm skin.
  • Methyl Carboxymethylphenyl Aminocarboxy propylphosphonate (Nahlsgen)2 : An Amino Acid derivative that raises collagens productibility up to 2-3 times higher, and Elastin productibility up to 5 times, so it could revive degenerated skin cell and reduce stress on the skin. Therefore, the skin will look healthier, moister, firmer, and shiner than before.


  1. Autophagy (the cell’s self-degradative process) is a natural process of human cells. Autophagy that occurs naturally will be lesser as our body grows older, and that’s the reason for the appearance of wrinkles and signs of skin aging. When naturally occurring Autophagy becomes lesser, collagens will also become lesser and create a negative effect on the hyaluronic acid production process, resulting in wrinkles and skin aging. Therefore, adding more Autophagy to the body will help restore youngness to aged skin.
  2. Methyl Carboxymethylphenyl Aminocarboxy propylphosphonate (Nahlsgen) is a high-quality  cosmetic ingredient that was developed by collaboration of Kyoto University and Osaka City University, Japan.

Size: 100 ml

How to use: Drop lotion on your hand. Gently apply on your face thoroughly every morning and evening. For the best result this product should be used continuously along with M-DEAR PG creamy serum.

*Autophagy will help restore degenerated skin, the results may be varied based on the skin condition of each person.

Warning: Do not apply the product on children under 3 years old

Receipt of notification no.: 10-2-6200024842


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